Palestinian assailants shot dead an Israeli guard in the West Bank

Palestinian attackers have shot dead a security guard at the entrance to a Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank, in a new attack that could fuel Israeli and Palestinian tensions, which has risen sharply in the past two months. LiveAssociated Press April 30, 2022, 06:41 • 3 min reading Share on FacebookShare on TwitterEmail … Read more

Ukraine is struggling to hold back Russia’s advance to the south, east

KHARKIV, Ukraine (AP) – Ukrainian forces fought on Saturday to hold back Russia’s offensive in the south and east of the country, as the Kremlin seeks to recapture the industrialized Donbas region and Western military experts say Moscow’s offensive is much slower than expected. The United Nations continued to try to mediate the evacuation of … Read more

Ukraine says Russia is hitting Donbas and failing to reach targets

Russia continues to attack eastern Ukraine Ukraine says Russia will not be able to reach targets Russia’s Lavrov: Abolition of sanctions is part of peace talks The US Congress will approve Ukraine’s aid and arms package soon KYIV, April 30 (Reuters) – Russian forces attacked Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region on Saturday but failed to reach … Read more

Flying to Beijing is harder than ever as China increases its zero-covid measures

Kunming, China CNN – Beijing is partially locked in to control a Covid outbreak that could shut down the Chinese capital completely. But just as the government is tightening controls in the city – testing 21 million people, closing schools and shopping malls – I’m trying to get in. It was impossible to find a … Read more

Chechen soldiers in Bucha civilian massacre accused of killing Russian comrades

BUCHA, Ukraine – Ihor Yuschenko, 61, a former Ukrainian army colonel who once served as an assistant commander of the ground in Donbas in eastern Ukraine, was horrified by a war crime that took place just outside his window in broad daylight. According to Yuschenko, a pillar of Russian troops marched through the town and … Read more

Palestinian assailants shot dead an Israeli guard in the West Bank

JERUSALEM (AP) – Palestinian assailants shot and killed a security guard at the entrance to a Jewish settlement in the occupied West Bank late Friday, the Israeli army said. The new attack could further fuel tensions between Israel and the Palestinians, which have risen sharply over the past two months. The Israeli army said early … Read more

Live updates: Russia’s war in Ukraine

The leader of the Belarussian opposition urged the United States to impose sanctions on the Belarussian government that reflect those imposed on Moscow. During a meeting with the US State Department and lawmakers this week, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya said she discussed both strengthening future sanctions and closing loopholes in existing sanctions. She also said she had … Read more

At the UN, Amal Clooney pushes for war crimes in Ukraine to be justified

United Nations, April 27 (Reuters) – Human rights lawyer Amal Clooney on Wednesday called on the United Nations to focus on international justice for war crimes in Ukraine so that evidence is not stored – as it has done for ISIS victims (ISIS). ) in Iraq and Syria. “Ukraine is today a slaughterhouse. In the … Read more

Friends no longer, Ukraine removes Russian statues and street names Ukraine

AAt 5.36pm on Tuesday in the historic Kyiv district of Pecherskyi, an elegant Soviet-era bronze monument representing the friendship between Russia and Ukraine was accidentally beheaded and then deliberately dismantled to the applause of hundreds of people. As local officials explained, when one country invades and blows up another and kills the people, their friendship … Read more