CDC Describes 4 Physical Symptoms of Mysterious Liver Disease Spreading in Children in the United States and Europe

Jaundice is a common symptom of hepatitis in children spread throughout the United States and Europe.EyeEm through Getty Images Dangerous forms of hepatitis in children spread throughout Europe and the United States. The CDC released new information on how the mysterious disease began in 9 kids in Alabama. Vague symptoms include diarrhea, which develops into … Read more

Another case of bird flu confirmed, this time at Logan Zoo

This undated image released by Science and the University of Tokyo shows infectious particles of the H7N9 bird virus coming out of a cell. Another case of bird flu has been confirmed on Thursday at the Logan Zoo, according to officials. (University of Tokyo, Science) Estimated train time: 1-2 minutes LOGAN – Another case of … Read more

How Ritalin Increases Attention – Neuroscience News

Summary: The study sheds new light on the neurobiological systems that are taking place, allowing the ADHD drug Ritalin to improve attention and announce that the drug could benefit from a variety of intellectual changes related to aging. Source: University of Pittsburgh Even half a century after the launch of the drug, scientists can still … Read more

A study looks at a little-known cleansing disorder

Summary: While cleansing can be a symptom of bulimia, a new study suggests that other eating disorders may also be responsible for cleansing behavior. Source: Ohio University Although cleansing is often a condition associated with bulimia nervosa, new research at the University of Ohio suggests that another type of eating disorder may also be responsible. … Read more

40% increase reported in LA County COVID cases

Coronary heart disease is on the rise again in Los Angeles County, with a 40% increase in cases over the past week, officials said on Thursday. Local health officials have continued to monitor evidence across the community for early warnings that infection and danger may be on the rise. And while the county remains “slightly … Read more

How effects on the brain can cause a long COVID

Summary: Immune-mediated injury rather than the virus entering and killing brain cells may explain why people experience long-term consequences associated with COVID-19 infection. Source: Yale COVID-19 could be primarily a respiratory disease, but extend far beyond the lungs. Since the onset of the pandemic, neurologists have realized that a widespread disease can affect even our … Read more

Cases of measles increase by almost 80% following Covid chaos, for fear of other diseases | Viruses

Cases of measles have increased by almost 80% worldwide this year amid Covid-19 disruption, the United Nations has said, warning that an increase in the number of “canaries in coal mining” disease indicates that an epidemic of other diseases is likely the way. The chronic virus epidemic has disrupted vaccination campaigns for non-Covid diseases worldwide … Read more